HARRY THOMAS DANVERS did not begin his artistic career until he arrived in Guatemala in the early 70s.  There he began to study drawing in the Escuela Nacionalde Artes Plasticas in Guatemala City.  His teacher was Juan Antonio Franco, who in addition to have studied in Europe also worked on a lot of murals of Diego Rivera in Mexico.

He had his first exhibition in Antigua, Guatemala in 1980 and has since exhibited in galleries in Guatemala and the United States.  “My understanding of the visual art of painting is that it should be something to think about.  Fortunately I have had no lack of inspiration since I live with a people so colorful and a natural back drop, so varied, that one might easily pass a hundred years and still find another painting. Some of my latest paintings and murals are shown here, with the deep gratitude for being allowed to have made the effort.”

Harry is a professor emeritus from San Carlos University of Guatemala where he taught English and Anthropology.  He speaks 5 languages including Maya K’iche and is the founder and director of English Club/International Language School in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Read my Amazon review "Cuentos Latinos is hidden literary gem"
Read my Amazon review “Cuentos Latinos is hidden literary gem”

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